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ClaM - A Classification Manager


How to...

install ClaM on one computer
install ClaM on a network

create a classification
open a classification
lock a classification
copy a classification
import a classification
export a classification
print a classification
indexing a classification
recoding a classification
comparing two classifications
finding the differences between two classifications

center the browser on a class
view children and/or descendants of a class
locate a class in the hierarchy of the classification
spawn another instance of ClaM
set the language

add a class
edit a class
delete a class
find a class
move a class
dissect a class
sort children of a class
shift code of children of a class
collect children below a class
manage class kinds
manage rubric kinds
manage usage kinds

create a modifier
assign a modifier to a class
generating modified subclasses

changing options
adding remarks
checking remarks