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ClaM - A Classification Manager


This tool compares two versions of a classification and marks deletions and additions to the classification. The tools does so by creating a merged file of old and new texts, where the additions are enclosed in the tags <Difference class="added"> and the deletions are tagged with <Difference class="deleted">. The default cascading stylesheet in ClaM takes care of a green font color and underline for the additions, and a red font with strike-out for deletions

In addition to the above tagging ClaM adds a Meta-tag named _diff to every class, which can have either of the values: added, changed, moved, or deleted.


Below is an example of the differences detected between two releases of the Dutch ICD10-2006. The red buttons on the top right, allow the user to step through all differences one by one. This difference is generated in a couple of minutes with ClaM. Generating a PDF file for Printing is likely to take in the order of 10 minutes maximum. This function of the tool has been well received by Classification Development Groups.