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ClaM - A Classification Manager

Printing a classification

For a number of reasons ClaML has been designed as a breadthfirst representation. For generating human readable output a depthfirst output is more efficient. ClaM version 7.x has abandoned RTF output in favour of this ClaML4Print format. ClaML4Print can be processed by many off the shelf products. We have choosen to limit ClaM functionality to sophisticated manipulations on classifications, but leave the publishing part to software specialised in that realm.


ClaML4Print is specified here:

Example for ICD10 printout using OpenOffice

One option to further proces the breadth first type of XML-output (see exporting) is to import that file into OpenOffice Writer. We have developed and made available the predefined document template, and a set of conversion rules in the icd2odt.xsl XSL stylesheet. Both are part of the ClaM installation package.

The first step is to start OpenOffice Writer and select under the Tools menu the entry XML-filter Settings.

Open XML-Filters

Next hit the New button to create a new filter and fill the fields in the General TAB as depicted below:

Open XML-Filters

Next fill the fields in the Transformation TAB as indicated. Make sure the XSLT and Template are in those directories. The latest versions of these files can he downloaded from by rightclicking the files with your mouse and save to the 'filters' map on your pc. This completes the import filter definition.

Open XML-Filters

Transform your Export

From this point the only thing for you to do is Open a new file (=Export from ClaM) in OpenOffice Writer. You must select "ICD10" as type of the file to complete this example (see image below).

Open XML-Filters

Once the file is loaded you may instruct Writer to export the result in PDF. In general it is a good policy NOT to save the result in native OpenOffice format, because this may lead to edits on the standard being done in that format. For reasons of maintaining consistency, edits should only be done within ClaM!

Polishing ICD-10 for publishing

In a separate page we describe how to correct for some shortcomings in the rendering of the textual output.