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ClaM - A Classification Manager

Checking remarks

The F11 button opens a comments window. As soon as you select a class in the hierarchy browser, which has been commented, the submitted comments, the Replies and the Status is being shown in that separate window. To avoid cluttering you can draw that window outside the main ClaM windows. Even to a second or third display if you have that.

Show Remarks

The hotlinks starting with "id=zY11-....." are meant for curators of the classification to respond on comments from users. Some classifications are derived from an other classification. If they share the same code system, it might be usefull to also see the comments on that parent classification.

The option "Show comments on descendants of current class" must be used with care, because it slows down the operation of ClaM if focus is frequently changed. If you wish to create a list on a section, let the system collect all relevant comments. Then freeze the pane by unchecking ALL boxes.