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ClaM - A Classification Manager

Adding remarks (F10)

The F10 button can be used to submit comments on a classification. Your submission will be confirmed via email only if you are a registered user. In any case the comment is forwarded to the moderator for that specific classification.

As described elsewhere, classification development & maintenance ought to be a public group process. Since most computers have fixed internet connections, we have created a supporting web environment to assist. If a classification worker (or user!) wants to share some thoughts on a specific class in a certain classification, a specific comments page can be called to submit the remarks. ClaM has implemented a call to this site, which automatically passes a number of administrative parameters to the comments site. The classification to be commented should of course be registered there and opened for commenting.

The commenting site at is a proof of concept. It may be subject of change in the future. Do check that site for updates.

The Remarks Option sends the following variables to the specified web address: