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ClaM - A Classification Manager

Finding a class

  1. Either:
    • Click Find
    • Select Find from the Edit menu
    • Press the Control and F key at the same time
  2. Use the code or word(s) contained in the rubric of the class you're looking for
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Select the desired class from the list
  5. Click the Ok button

NOTE: Find only works if the classification has been indexed.

Search either tries to find Codes or text. So be sure to make the correct selection in the Search box. Default search strategy takes the AND operator between search terms. In the options box you can overide that behaviour by selecting OR.

If you select Show index words in the Options box a list of possible search terms is presented while your are typing. This is handy if exact spelling is unknown. In very big classifications this behaviour may slow down the system response a bit.

ClaM has facilities to index classifications with an external user maintained lexicon. This allows amongst others for defining synonyms and different word forms, which in turn can be assigned to a word in the classification. If 'Search actual search terms' is selected, the external term can be entered in the search field, where it is automatically being replaced by the actual word sought for in the classification.

Search Class