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ClaM - A Classification Manager

Deleting a class

WARNING: Deletion occurs instantanious without furter notification. You can revert the delete action via menu Edit-Undo, or pushing the standard undo command CTRL-Z.

  1. Select the class(es) you want to delete
  2. Either:
    • Press the Delete key
    • Select Delete from the Class menu
    • Click the right mouse button and select Delete from the popup menu

The procedure above only deletes the link between the selected classes and the parent in the hierarchy. The classes themselves are only deleted when they only have one parent. In that case, the children of a class are moved below the parent of the deleted class.

Delete Class With Children

In case, you want to delete a class and all its descendants you have to select the option Delete with children from the Class menu.
NB: this procedure really deletes the class and its descendants, even when that class or its descendants have more parents!