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ClaM - A Classification Manager

Dissecting a class

This command starts the SPET tool to help you dissecting the present class (See OpenGALEN tutorial on Intermediate Representation. SPET is a tool to assist in making formal mappings from a class of a traditional Classification to OpenGALEN, or SNOMED CT. All relevant information of the class in highlight is transferred to SPET easing the administrative process. Both ClaM and SPET are part of the Classification Workbench. For more information on SPET see this tutorial(32 minutes).

SPET is not part of the ClaM tool set. It is part of the publicly available subset of the Classification WorkBench (ClaW) on the OpenGALEN website
CAUTION: Do not install that package on the same machine where you installed ClaM 7.xx.xx or higher. If you would make use of both tools on one machine contact us for installation advice.

Just for an impression of SPET: