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ClaM - A Classification Manager

Collecting children of a class

When you're building a new classification or changing an existing one, or when you've used the Import tool to get a classification into ClaM. Sometimes, it may be the case that a class is in fact the parent or even ancestor of its siblings. In such a case, you can use the option Collect children in the Class menu.

For example, suppose the following classes are siblings, A, A0, A1, A01, A02, A10, A11, i.e. the hierarchy on the left of the picture below. And what you would like to see is the hierarchy on the right of the same picture, the Import tool will do that automatically for you, except for ClaML files, which are supposed to have the appropriate structure. Of course, the classes must be coded according to a hierarchical coding scheme.

Collect children

The image below shows a real world example. The converter left two rubrics (I60120,!60180) which still have the code of the classification from which they were copied. The intention was to give them code m3201 and m3208 respectively as children of m320. The steps to achieve this are to change the codes, activate the class M3 as in the example, and than give the 'Collect children' command. ClaM places the codes in the right spot now.