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ClaM - A Classification Manager

Rubric kinds

Edit Rubric kinds

Rubrickinds allow you add additional information to classes, and to designate what kind of information that is. Well known rubrickinds are Inclusions and Exclusions. But also Editorial notes and Coding Instructions can be added and made explicit with this mechanism. ClaM groups all rubrics of the same kind together in the display. The order in which the rubrickinds appear can be changed by moving them up or down in the edit menu below. The rubrickind 'preferred' is a so-called system rubrickind. The name cannot be changed, and it always holds position 1.

If a certain information has to be visible at all subclass levels, one can set the 'Inherit' property true. The information needs to be entered once only at the highest common hierarchical level. ClaML compliant software will make sure that the information is displayed at the appropriate lower levels. The rubrickind is postfixed with a _! to warn the editor of his specific behaviour. In the image to the right the instruction is one such example. Do not confuse the usage of the inherit attribute with the more powerfull modifier constructs!

An inherited rubrickind can not be redefined at a lower level in the hierarchie. From the point of definition downwards, the original and new text(s) will be displayed together under this heading.