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ClaM - A Classification Manager

Adding a class

  1. Select the parent for the new class, using the left mouse button
  2. Either:
    • Select Add from the Class menu
    • Press the Control and A key at the same time
    • Click the right mouse button and select Add from the popup menu
  3. Enter a code and preferred rubric for the class in the dialog
  4. Click the Add button


You can either manually enter a code or let the code be randomly generated. Characteristics of the code generator are set in the 'Random codes' box on top of the Recoder tool. After setting those properties you can just close Recoder and perform the Addclass function.

Add a class

Most of the other settings in this screen are evident. The 'Generate' button adds a identifier to this class, which is unique in the context of this classification. It actually is a date-time stamp. The AddClass only adds the code and the 'preferred rubric' of a class. For adding more rubrics and other information, you have to open the created class with the Editclass function.