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ClaM - A Classification Manager

Assigning a modifier to a class

Working with modifiers is part of the strategy to improve internal consistency of classifications. Dealing with modifiers consists of two phases, and should be performed on two separate databases (See Maintaining a Classification). The first phase is the assignment of modifier classes to the appropriate class level where they originally have been specified.

Change Modifiers

In the example below modifier class "e" is assigned to block E10-E14. This determines also where the modifiers will appear in the printed output.

The second step is to define which classes are valid to be further refined with modifier subclasses. In this specific example the classes E10, E11,...,E14 should get subclasses. They should however not appear below the classes E10.0 etc, and under the subclasses of E14. So the first thing to do is while still at block E10-E14 push the button "Exclude at leafs". This will prevent subclasses being generated at all leaf classes under block E10-E14. This will also include E11, E12, E13, which obviously is not the objective. So go to each of these classes individually, select them one by one and right click the Change Modifier in the popup menu. The window in the lower left corner now contains the modifier class, meaning that it is excluded at this level. Click the Include button to re-enable the generation of subclasses.

Choose Modifier