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ClaM - A Classification Manager

ClaML - <Term>


This tag is meant to give special meaning to (part of) texts. For example to identify organisms one could taglike this:

infections due to <Term class="organism">Mycobacterium tuberculosis</Term> and <Term class="organism">Mycobacterium bovis</Term>.

In a CSS style sheet Term.organism could be defined to be in italics. An other example is if ClaM makes a difference file, then the added and deleted texts are marked with Term.added and Term.deleted respectively, which in turn are rendered in green and red due to the CSS definitions of those Term-classes.

NOTE: the Term tags can not be nested. ClaM does allow nesting, but this means that only the outer tags will be evaluated. So for example Organisms will no longer show up in Italics in a Difference file.