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ClaM - A Classification Manager

ClaML - <Include>

(attributes: class, rubric)

The Include tag can be used to include the text of any Rubric referenced by its unique id, into some other text. A not exclusive example is dealing with classes .8 and .9 which in some classifications are designated as the preferred text of the parent class postfixed with a NEC (not eslewhere classified) or NOS (unspecified). See example below. The id="r123" has been defined at parent class A00.

Include Example

The advantage of using Include is that changes in texts are automatically updated at other places. Obviously it must be an agreed policy to use these constructs in order to maintain a robust and formal representation. Unfortunately the present implementation of the difference tool does not notice changes at the child node. This is due to ambiguities in the use/meaning of rubric id's. Include can have a class attribute. This attribute is not yet usable for layout via CSS.

ADVICE: Until a good solution for the Difference tool is found we discourage the use of the Include tag for the purposes mentioned.