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ClaML - <List>




The list tag can be used for making a large variety of list styles. A list contains one or more listitems. For example:

<List class="decimal"><ListItem>itemA</ListItem><ListItem>itemB</ListItem><ListItem>itemC</ListItem></List>

The actual rendering of the list is determined by the class attribute, which in turn determines which list-style from the CSS is applied. In the above example it is a decimal list. See for the available styles in ClaM the file default.css in subdirectory \css. Look for List.decimal in that file and you see the different variants of lists. You are free to invent your own variants if neccesary.

In the ClaM editor there is an easy shorthand notation for list:
1. itemA
2. itemB
3. itemC

This shorthand will expand into the example above, which you may assign an other class value. If you need an unordered list starting with dots, precede each term in the list with a star (*) and a dot (.).