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ClaM - A Classification Manager

ClaML - <Table>

(attributes:Caption.class, THead.class, TFoot.class, Row.class, Cell.class, Cell.rowspan, Cell.colspan)

For Table constructs ClaM uses the tags as known for HTML tables. Tables are used for many purposes, therefor only a very simple table format is implemented in ClaM. For publishing it appears that these simple tables are easily brushed up in standard text processors as shown in this ICD10 example.

In the ClaM editor there is an easy shorthand notation for list:

You can copy and paste the above construct into the ClaM edit form, and adjust the number of rows/columns to your needs. After you add the rubric with this text it transforms into the required XML structure. Check the EN 14463:2007 ClaML DTD for further refining tags and possible contents of the cells.